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Cooking is more than just preparing and eating food.

It's a way of creating community and practicing a healthy lifestyle. With years of experience to draw on, Chef2Go brings fun and expertise right to your home, community, or office kitchen.

Based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, Chef2Go serves businesses and residents up and down the West Coast by::

  • facilitating employee team building with group cooking workshops,
  • teaching cooking classes for community groups,
  • creating personalized in-home cooking and eating experiences,
  • leading Asian market tours in Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Chef Surja Tjahaja (prounounced sir-jah cha-hi-ya) believes that cooking brings people together. For the past 15 years he has passionately taught cooking classes as a way of building relationships between people. His gourmet creations speak right through the tummy and straight into people’s hearts. Drawing on his cosmopolitan and international living experiences, Surja is well-versed in French, Italian, Japanese, Southeast Asian, and American cuisine. His professional background encompasses both restaurant ownership and management. He also holds a MBA in International Business from the University of Southern California and has years of experience in business management and employee training.

See Chef Surja's cooking demo of Island Shrimp with Afternoon Live's host Tra'Renee Chambers on KATU TV.

West Linn Tidings
reporter, Patrick Malee, joins Surja's Miso Ramen class and shares his experience in cooking with a Master of Miso.

KOIN TV studio

Chef Surja shares the secrets of making his original baked egg roll recipe on KOIN TV's Studio 6 show.

To see what Barbara Randall, food writer for the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings, has to say about cooking with Chef Surja click here.

To learn about Asian food market tours, see feature article in the Lake Oswego Review.